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trying to be perfectNothing last forever and once change has taken place it is hard for some of us to accept it. Everyone in life is different and take on many different obstacles to move on from someone or something. Whether that it is something personal or if that someone is family. Nobody is perfect and no family is perfect either, but most people walk around like they are. It is ok to have confidence in anything in life, but nothing is always perfect. This article will tell the story about a young man who thought a relationship he had was perfect and learned the hard way that nothing is ever perfect.

Jason was a 35 year old who owned a Kitchener plumbing company and always loved to work and take care of those he loved. He was a single man and enjoyed the nightlife. He would always visit his mother on the weekends and hung out with some of his cousins in his free time. He had a younger sister that he was not that close with while growing up, but they both have been establishing a new found brother sister relationship. I guess you can say everything was looking pretty good for Jason in other words perfect.

One day Jason was at work his typical routine day when he received a text message from his sister. She said to him to call her ASAP. Jason knew that his sister never tells him to call her, so he knew that it was important. He finished up his work and called his sister from his car. Jason and sister’s mom was a social media junkie and always took things that was posted online literally. Plus their mom would drink here and there as well which would trigger even more issues.

Jason’s sister explained how their mother threw so many insults to her and disrespected her in many ways. Jason couldn’t believe what his sister was telling him. She explained how she slapped her and kicked her out her house. Jason knew something had to trigger his mother to behave this way. So he told his sister that he was heading over there. Once Jason arrived at his mom’s house he seen the state that she was in. She was drunk and looking at her computer at her ex-boyfriend that left her.

Jason and his sister knew how she felt about her ex and he was not healthy for her. His sister was only being honest and that is why his mother went on the rage she did. Jason tried to console his mother and explain to her why his sister said what she said and that is when everything changed. Not only did his mother slap him she disowned him and said many other things that crushed Jason’s heart.

He never knew that his mother could be so nasty and hurtful with her mouth. It was the first time ever that Jason knew that his life was not as perfect as it seem. He walked around like he had the perfect life and family, but he was just a regular guy with family issues. It took Jason a couple of months to get over what his mother said and eventually forgave her, but his sister and his mother do not speak at all. Nothing was the same for Jason and the perfect life that he thought he had and nothing ever will be again.

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