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passing judgement on others

It is not nice to judge a person or act better than anybody, but the majority of the world does it. You never know what that person is dealing with or going through in their life. It is amazing how many people walk around thinking that they are perfect. Nothing in this world is perfect not the best limo company, not the top lawyer in the state, not even the president. Flaws and all we are human beings that make mistakes. This article will talk about how the world is and how much judgement comes out of us humans.

You are never alone when you do anything whether someone is watching you or you are watching yourself. You always have that one person that is watching your every move. It never fails we all have those individuals that be lurking in the background judging and talking about you. It’s the way life is and the people that live in this world. I know that most of us cannot help but to always talk about people it is a very bad habit the some of us have. Nobody is perfect and nobody has everything regardless of how much money they may have.

You can have everything in the world but still get judged by the person you are and that is a fact. Look at how much we judge the famous people how much we read information and based on what we read we judge and talk about it. This is a revolving door that will continue to keep spinning around. Nothing will change and people will never change. Even when we say we will try to change we don’t. Once individuals are set in their ways nothing is going to change that person only if that person really takes the time to make that change. Once you make that decision that is when you have to stick to it.

The more judgement we put out into the world the more we will continue to get it back. It is funny how so much judgement can come from so many people and they never notice that they are judging or criticizing another human being. That is how life is you never notice those little things like judging, or criticizing. It takes a whole lot for a person who is always being judged or talked about to keep that bottled in. The sad part is that most of the judgement will come from the ones who love you.

When you have so many people telling you certain things about yourself it will trigger a nerve. But you make corrections on yourself and just move on. It is called tough love, but it is still judgement. We are not perfect people nobody ever wakes up happy go lucky. We are all human beings that have inner demons that we face every day that others do not know about. To pass any kind of judgement on a person is wrong in general. But we are human and it will continue on as the world keeps on spinning.

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