Make A Change

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Make A Change

It is never too late to make changes on yourself and your life in general. The world keeps on spinning and the days, weeks, months and years keeps on going by. With that being said you could fix anything that you feel that you have messed up in your life, whether that be a relationship, career, or a problem you have within yourself it could be just about anything.

This article will tell a story about a young woman who was always doing what was best for herself, but her inner demon was starting to get the best of her. Kimberly was your typical 28 year old woman. She had just switched careers from the corporate catering company she was working for to a position at a hospital where she felt she would be of more help to people. Although she loved what she did, it was a very demanding job at the same time.

It never bother Kimberly, the workload that she took on plus all the doubles that she would take as well. Her best friend would always tell her to take a break before she gets too overworked. But Kimberly knew when the right time to take off was, she never liked anyone telling her what to do including her family members.

She had somewhat of a social life and a boyfriend that she would spend her days off with. With her crazy work schedule besides spending her days of with her boyfriend she would also have her regular drink which was vodka and orange juice. Even though she worked a lot she always made time to have her drink. This was an issue that everyone was well aware of. Her friends was always telling her about her drinking problem and how she would act when they would go out. Kimberly knew about her problem and she was trying to work on it, but from being overworked to having problems with her family she would always drink to escape.

It was getting overbearing to work under the conditions that she was in plus her coworkers was starting to notice her performance. Her supervisor asked her to take some time off to get some help, but Kimberly refused to get help or even to admit that she had a problem. It embarrassed her that everyone knew her business, so she continued to drink some more. Kimberly was starting to make a fool out of herself by making phone calls to family members and causing unnecessary drama.

Her best friend came to stay with her because she lost everyone due to her behavior and drinking habit. Her best friend recorded her being drunk one day where she was acting a fool. Even though her best friend always got yelled by Kimberly she was always there and never judged her at all. All everyone wanted was for Kimberly to get help and to slow down her drinking. Her friend showed her the video of herself drunk and Kimberly cried her eyes out. It was that moment where Kimberly did not like the person she was in that video. With her being young she wasn’t fully able to do this alone. Her best friend checked her into a rehab and stuck with her for the year that she was there.

Even though Kimberly destroyed the majority of her relationships she still had the support of a person who didn’t give up on her and never judged her. It took a lot for Kimberly to make a change and get her life back. She has been sober for a year and a half now. She is happy, healthy, and has regained confidence within herself again.

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