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Family Holds True

What is Family? That is a word that we experience most days of our lives. That is my family, I love my family, don’t talk about my family. But is family really family? Of course genetically who you are related to is your family because of science. But just because you are blood does that still mean you are family? Most people just use the word family to loosely nowadays. I know that when you use that word you have to mean it, love it, and cherish what you saying. This article will discuss the importance of family and why some relatives are not close.

Everyone has their own interpretation of their family, but sometimes being family can be a curse and a blessing. You love your family, and you have your own special relationships and bonds with each of them. But sometimes those relationships and bonds fall apart. That is when you look back, and ask what happened to what I lost? Things change and so do people, and nothing will ever be the same again.

Life just works out in many different ways and we never know the answer to all the questions we have in our head. Yes, of course we will bicker with our family, and enjoy all those loving and memorable times. That is what family is all about creating new memories and enjoying the love and company of those around us it is a true blessing. We all have own definition of family and who we consider as family. There are those individuals that we are not related too that we still call our family.

You develop many relationships with people in life and the first start is with your blood family. You have brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. You have bonded and established your own unique relationship with them. But sometimes that relationship never lasts. There are numerous reasons that can tear apart a relationship that was special, and took time to build. That is when it hurts like hell when you lost it, and like they say you only get hurt from the ones you love the most.

Your family can hurt you in many ways versus a stranger on the street, which makes all of us really ask the question but why? Nobody knows the answer, but I am sure the majority of us have been hurt by a family member. If you haven’t experienced anything like that I am happy for you, but in reality there is no perfect family. Your own mother can hurt you in many ways and you will always keep those feelings inside. What you go through in life with your family members you learn from it. It makes you a better individual and teaches you not to make the same mistakes with future relationships you may establish. Everything is a learning process no matter how old you are. What matters is who you consider your family within yourself because it is all about the love and respect in any relationship.


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